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I think it would be super fun to showcase the cosplays you make of the characters you love because it would be an excuse to dress up, but most of these stream girls just get a wig, do a characters makeup and wear a push-up bra.

After making it to quarters, he posted another photo shoot with all the costumes his fans got him and eventually streamed with the outfit on. But it's not a "ohmagawd big man jaw!! There's a particular anon who posts screencaps always named "Cymera" and it gives them away every time, lmao. Drew berrymore playboy. C9 jensen leaked nudes. And it's true that she would take advantage of people; she basically surrounded herself with artists and other talented people just to use them.

Every other haffu goes for weeb makeup while this chick is stuck in scene America. Etienne vividly remembers his first encounter with this side of Sneaky. Look at her eyes. Now she doesn't even have to get a real job. For a moment I thought it was a Maki selfie.

All the e sports guys are ugly as shit so that's why they needed to git gud. He got banned from Twitch after he accused Krepo of having sex with 13 year old girls or something.

The age of consent in Texas is 17, and from their "homestates" Kansas and Hawaii it is MFW c9 makes it out of groups Go back to white knighting lily in her thread. I don't watch Poki's stream but I think she's the most out of the female LoL streamers so she's probably doing pretty well.

I have even worst stuff to say— but as they personally happened to me, it's a bit weird to share. Cheryl tiegs naked. One of my hs friends got breast implants with the money she got from her grandpa passing away.

I thought i was the only one who noticed her low key attention whore vibes and her toxicity towards other female streamers. He only replied and took interest in her just cause she looks cute on her profile pics. She seems nice on tumblr. Anyone could stream, but you can't deny the huge help that is being associated with dyrus, it gives a lot of exposure and thirsty 13 year old boys.

Like what one of the anons said; she tries to pass off features that she fakes are real ex. Just pick one Poki. I'm not really sure what to think of her as a person. Saw it in a video in comments. I think you should try to build up your fellow females rather than pull them down. One of the less annoying League girls. I have heard only rumors about the sleeping with players but honestly I do not put it behind her. Xxx rubbing pussy. It's always boggled me how people with little to nothing in common have good relationships.

The only ending I see for her is washed up, alone, and full of regrets later in life. Always looks out of place in the group of mostly asian league girls.

It doesn't look as interesting though because push up butts aren't a thing and I don't use padding. I have some oldish pics of her a little before she started dating dyrus, if anyone's interested. I wonder if the girls cute and maybe she's jealous.

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That is complete utter bs.

Good boi ready to support our bois. She looks kinda wonky now. Mikayla bayliss naked. Once the money is gone, she'll be gone too. Now she doesn't even have to get a real job.

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People before used to ask why she used such low res potato quality webcam. C9 jensen leaked nudes. Gross gore posted a rant about it sometime back. You're always complaining about not having enough money and the way she says this, makes it seem like she only has on and off "jobs". I know because my bathroom has similar lighting, and my tits look like that even when I'm only wearing a normal bra and I'm only a B cup, mind you. Was she ever diagnosed? This girl is probably a bitch but she's pretty, period.

I think full Asian looking girls with strong jaws, wide faces and small eyes are gorgeous. Naked hypnotized women. I also feel like her contacts are so try hard at this point.

Multiple guys fuck the same chinese girl who fucking stole from a children's charity. It's always boggled me how people with little to nothing in common have good relationships. I just can't imagine Emily posting something like that. She lurks here and then cries on stream about it. No, we're not jealous, we're just annoyed that you're trying to pass off your fakeness as realness. I was watching the stream that day and she was literally wearing a tight leatheresque tank crop top showing all her cleavage from her push up bra.

Plus her giant ass nose from the side holy shit. Look how hard she's breaking her back to have something a step above completely flat. Why does her chin look so round? Not to mention, she recently shared this on FB which made me cringe: The funniest part for me is that as long as they are asian or look somewhat asian they will get attention I guess? Why does she want to be white so bad? There's nothing to be ashamed of, saying that you're not a gold digger doesn't mean you're not one.

I'm so confused then. Big black ass porn girls. She also stretches her neck and holds her shoulders down, making her neck appear thinner and her face rounder again. Two years ago, a fan asked Sneaky on stream if he would be willing to wear a maid outfit on camera.

I think she suits the no makeup look better. You streamer sluts are extremely narcissistic and you want everything to be about you. One of the less annoying League girls.

This is one of the threads in question. But even if he did… she was legal. Some of her pics from like a year ago has nicer, thin eyebrows and I think she should go back to that. Oprah's Favorite Things It's all about entertainment or looks mainly. It's only annoying to me when people are liars or pretend to be something they are not. If a young attractive girl with huge tits started living with me, I'd jump on that too.

You are seriously lacking the expectation here. Did she show off on stream about that? I heard that one of the girls was Kelly Jean. He actually kinda had her face going on after that. That could be confusing.

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